Origins of Probus

The Rotary District 1160 (Ireland) supports the Probus movement in Ireland by providing two Rotarians to act as District Probus Liaison Officers, one for the northern part of the island and the other for the southern part. These officers help Rotary Clubs develop new Probus Clubs and maintain central records of Probus Club officers and meetings.

Membership Services - Rotary District 1160 (Ireland)

Rotarian Mary Sinnamon (Rotary Club of Carrickfergus) - District Probus Liaison Officer (North)

Rotarian Aodh Bourke (Rotary Club of Cork) - District Probus Liaison Officer (South)

mary          aodh

For contact details see either - the current Rotary Directory or Probus Directory

The Probus Liaison Officers publish an inexpensive annual Probus District Directory giving contact details for every Probus Club in Ireland. Available to Probus members and their sponsoring Rotary Clubs only. Orders should be placed with your Probus Club Secretary each January. It is for the use of Probus members in Ireland ONLY. It is not permitted to be used by any third party for any use whatsoever. NO part of this directory may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or means electronic or otherwise without prior written permission of the District Probus Liaison Officers.